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A Tree Soaked In Water III_Envy & Integrity 

Dried Up Time

I reached out my hands to hold the time.

Time flows regardless of sensory anesthesia. It transforms.  


I thought of an empty space that might be meaningful to me. I've been callous to the people moving in and out of the rooms due to the long years of living abroad. One day, the door of my parent's room caught my attention. When a decade long nomadic life met its ending, I returned home, and the last warmth of the room also extinguished. It took me few years just to open the door of this room, and also extra few years to open the windows in the room. My steps to embrace the past has been heavy.

I opened the door, and the window.


Although my personal belongings occupied the room with the aim of erasing the stains of the past, the smell of the past remained intact. I confined myself in the time of remembrance, and then I looked back at those years standing on today. I repeated it. I confronted myself; a person who strives to cling to the time.

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Map Coordinates 40.77752, -73.98301


A dot was marked where it deviated from the coordinates. Memories from a far distance, which were connected through this room, were replayed. The exploration of empty space was valid only through the overlapping of time and spaces I have passed. What a strange paradox it is; becoming freer as I separate from my roots. I ran away furthest from my origin in order to find myself.    


I remembered seeing the silhouette of the precious one humming with pleasure, weaving her own thread of knots apart from her past living as someone’s someone. In a foreign place where she spoke none of its language, leisure and freedom unexpectedly visited her with a bouquet of flowers. The once-in-a-lifetime moment passes silently in a lineal manner.

The photogenic passage of time vanished at the points of conjuncture with my hands. Like the mobile number that no longer existed, like the moment when I woke up and tried to make a phone call, only to realize that I no longer had a place to make a phone call.  

There was a season when I felt my energy leaked out of my body as if it had a hole on it. The green leaves that caught my attention awakened my body and cleared my mind. When they dried up, I clung on to them by pouring down vicious liquids. Time traverses a huge desire that might have swallowed up myself for not having let it gone


without motion,


circling in a place,

2nd phrase_moving object one

3rd phrase_moving object two

another blossom

at the end of a long wait

feelings flowing with time

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