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Oh Kyung Jang


Oh Kyung Jang


Main Theme

Performance Art




3rd: Envy and Integrity

A square concrete space. Except for the wooden roof 

floating high above my head, all sides and floors are gray. A ‘room’ was seen in a space surrounded by desolate 

physical properties. Rather than a space for people equipped with bedding, it is a space for conception where sprouts can sprout. A human space mixed with earth, womb, and water was discovered in a lump of concrete. Even in the sweltering heat of August, the cold materiality expanded the space. The crumpled body and the struggle to reject it became the image of rolling on the floor, and the voice trying to get out of the body shook the space.

It’s just a cold shell, but I wondered at the warmth they created and the hugging power of the empty thing.

A space that seems to exist somewhere inside the body, and within it, you can see the wounds and commitments engraved in the memories that are tightly hidden. There are traces of desire that have been squeezed through the gaps in the wall that have been piled up before you know it, and that have slipped through them.

I clung to it, fearing the forced time that would blow away with a single exhalation. Squeezing into an empty shell and finding a place told me that I was able to find a place from the beginning.

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