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Oh Kyung Jang


Oh-Kyung Jang

: interdisciplinary performance artist 


I was astonished by the power of nonverbal communication and the collaborative process of improvisation. All were autonomous but collaborated towards a common goal. The joy and openness of choices, along with struggles and conflicts, alternated my perspective on the arts. In response to the constant changes, I had to be open-minded and respond quickly. It liberated me from intellectualizing feelings and emotions. Multi-dimensional awareness of my identity and capability brought freedom I had not imagined. I could synthesize my experiences. Performance was a plate that embraced it all.  


I observe each element in my performance with curiosity and authenticity. Physical movement helps me to stay grounded while opening up a communication channel with others. Voice is a measure of self-awareness and empowerment to declare one’s existence. My practice aims to focus on individuals' experiences to understand societal issues and create a channel for silenced voices.


2018 (M.A candidate) Department of Korean Language and Literature in the Graduate School, Pukyung University, Busan, Korea
2013 (B.A) Department of The Arts, Arts in Contexts: Dance and Music, The New School, New York, USA


#women #femininity #sexuality #power_relationship #voice #body #emotion #senses #self #vulnerability #shame #guilt #pleasure #Improvisation #process #soloperformance #space #identity #nation #beloning #empowerment #creativity 

Oh Kyung


I create projects exploring the topics of performative time and space, embodiment of feelings and emotions, and boundaries between individuals and society.


My work aims to communicate with audiences at the intersection between performing arts and performance art.

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