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Oh Kyung Jang



1st: Fear and Desire

Oh Kyung Jang


Main Theme

Performance Art



She fill the notebook with all kinds of knowledge and sayings. 

She stands stiff, terrified as if her life would be in danger 

any minute if she doesn’t put on armor with language. 

When I write down the word sexuality, the surroundings turn red. 

Whether this red is sticky blood stains, menstrual blood, 

or lipstick marks, the limits of imagination are blocked 

by the ubiquitous views on sex.

Can I find the answer I want within the limits of thoughts filled with desperate images?

Drops of water fall on the pure white life. Red water droplets drip down and wet the white surface. The moment it touches white skin, it spreads everywhere. My body exists in this moment. The life is symbolized by paper, and the meaning attached to sex color the life, and leaves trances.

Traces are left on the thighs.

The hand that squeezed the water drops turned bright red, and the same hand had rubbed the skin.

The hand that has been groping the world leaves traces, grabbing metaphors scattered everywhere and engraving them on the body.

The thing I want to say? 

Things I didn’t want to hear.

Squeeze down the source that sustains life

To the tongues that forced silence to be a virtue

To be shown, to be heard, to be touched beyond the bosom,

To leave a clear mark.

I raise my hand and follow the world again.

Even if traces fall with every step I take

The traces of existence that flowed from the depths 

Dances on a heated playground.

As always changing is,

Stains, traces, shapes, colors,

in repeated actions.

The stubbornness of the beginning 

shakes off prejudice and egotism,

Keeping an eye on a deeper place, 

Transforming every second.

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