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Oh Kyung Jang


Oh Kyung Jang


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Performance Art




4th: Parte 2_Sensualita Tattile

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Touch is the first sense to form for a human fetus in a womb. Our tactile sense is what keeps us in touch with our environment. The unique characteristic of this is mutuality and boundarylessness. As one touches, she is touched. Touch does not differentiate the role of giver and taker. Both happens simultaneously.

< A Tree Soaked in Water IV_ part2. Tactile sensuality >

Skin is the space where these tactile senses take its place. Skin also creates a safe boundary for the body to be independent from the environment. In parallel, soil plays the role of skin for the earth. As a house of abundance and life, it also creates safe boundary for the earth and life to sustain. Contaminated and exploited by human greed, the performance is a ritual act of condolence and reverence.

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